Navajo planning principals follow the concept of “hozhó,” which involves restoring beauty, harmony, and balance in life. This diagram for Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School in Bloomfield, New Mexico, attempts to convey those Diné society founding principles in a graphical form.

Navajo hozhó planning principles diagram.

The design brief contained an explanation of these planning principles, and an architects’s quick sketch of what the design should look like:

A plugin from Astute Graphics called MirrorMe provides a method to replicate, distribute,  and fuse shapes dynamically for instant symmetry.

MirrorMe plugin utility from Astute Graphics for Adobe Illustrator.

In a 2013 DEVELOP3D presentation about ideation, former Luxology/Foundry executive Brad Peebler describes how simply adding symmetry offers a remarkably easy way to generate and explore design ideas, particularly with a suggestion of an organic origin:

By default, Illustrator’s Type On A Path tool positions text characters along the baseline of a path shape.  But aligning along a path’s midline may offer more flexibility for adjustments.

Align text along the midline of a path for easier positioning.

To change this behavior, invoke the the menu command Type > Type on Path > Type on Path Options, then choose “align to path: Center”.

Adobe Illustrator text on path alignment options.
Hozhó Diagram