Hozhó Diagram

Navajo planning principals follow the concept of “hozhó,” which involves restoring beauty, harmony, and balance in life. This diagram for Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School in Bloomfield, New Mexico, attempts to convey those Diné society founding principles in a graphical form. The


Wrinkly feline project constructed using Pixologic ZBrush 4 and The Foundry modo 701 in 2013: (The human-headed, lion-limbed, mythological desert beast fond of riddles is a Sphinx. The kind that meows is probably a Sphynx.) Originating as a sphere in ZBrush, the kitty model grew increasingly detailed


Branding project from 2001 for a New York-based software development company called Codpieceware: The company’s name was a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film “Clockwork Orange.”  The blue X shape borrowed from Apple’s liquid-themed system software branding, and the red figure was a


Drawing from 2002 of Derry the cat in the style of American author Wanda Gág: Derry had a penchant for wearing baskets on his head whilst napping. Drawn using Fractal Design Painter 5.0, probably with gritty charcoal brushes.