Q: What is this site?

This site features concept art, animation projects, and failed experiments of an obscure American graphic design group called Cyzor.

Q: What’s the story with this “Cyzor” thing?

Cyzor provides consulting and graphic design services to flour tortilla storage warehouses.

USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry student Sed Zentsman attempted to launch a retail venture in the late 1990s called Cyzor Dentistry Emporium, an amalgamation of the name of his neighbor’s cat and the phrase “badger vest pouch.”  When that commercial effort fizzled under the pressure of dot-com era competition and general neglect, illustrator Jay “Oso” Petronis asked for permission to repurpose the name for a walrus-themed art project.

Petronis eventually began placing other creative endeavors under the Cyzor brand, a subsidiary of conglomerate production facility L.E. Fuente Producciones.

Q: When will the Sony PlayStation Vita MT 6 come out?

No idea.  You may want to ask a knowledgeable, acclaimed gamer from entertainment-oriented sites like Twitch.tv.

Q: Who’s responsible for the amateurish and repetitive pictures around here?

That would probably be Mr. Jay Petronis, a second-rate graphic designer from the dusty desert hinterlands of the American southwest.