Branding project from 2001 for a New York-based software development company called Codpieceware:

Codpieceware Logo 2001

The company’s name was a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film “Clockwork Orange.”  The blue X shape borrowed from Apple’s liquid-themed system software branding, and the red figure was a nod to Beastie, the BSD daemon mascot.

Logo closeup.
Logo closeup.
Codpieceware Logo Black
Stencil Codpieceware logo.
Codpieceware logo layers in Illustrator.
Codpieceware logo layers in Illustrator.

Codpieceware sought to help users take advantage of the UNIX functionality within Apple’s new operating system.  One of their applications was a system diagnostics and analysis utility called “”

Application icon for Mac OS X 10.0.
“” Application icon for Mac OS X 10.0.
Illustrator document layers.
Illustrator document layers.

Early conceptual branding ideas:

Preliminary cartoonish logo.
Preliminary cartoonish logo.
Codpieceware "" icon concept development.
Codpieceware “” icon concept development.
Codpieceware logo concept development.
Codpieceware logo concept development.


Drawing from 2002 of Derry the cat in the style of American author Wanda Gág:

Attempt to imitate Gág's drawing style.
Attempt to imitate Gág’s drawing style.

Derry had a penchant for wearing baskets on his head whilst napping.

Incomplete drawing development.
Early sketch of kitty wearing a basket.
Early sketch of kitty wearing a basket.
Preliminary sketch of kitty wearing a basket.
Preliminary sketch of kitty wearing a basket.

Drawn using Fractal Design Painter 5.0, probably with gritty charcoal brushes.

Brushes palette for Fractal Design Painter 5.0.
Fractal Design Painter brushes.

Illustrator Multi-Display Fix

On a multi-display computer setup, Adobe Illustrator sometimes presents dialog boxes on the wrong monitor. Application dialog boxes repeatedly appear on the secondary display, even though the system menu bar, Dock, and document windows reside exclusively on the primary screen.

OS X Displays PrefPane
The primary display is on the right, but Illustrator erroneously places dialog boxes and other interface elements on the left.  OS X 10.11.2.

Discarding application preferences usually fixes this sort of interface annoyance. But beginning with Illustrator 19.1, that approach stopped working reliably. A conflict with Adobe Cloud synchronization is a likely suspect, but turns out not to be a factor in this case.

Snooping around Adobe configuration files reveals some candidates that relate to monitor state:

~/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 19 Settings/de_DE/WSMgrCfg/WSMgrCfg
~/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 19 Settings/de_DE/DVADialogPrefs.xml

WSMgrCfg contains some keys called CurrState and IdealState that contain pixel resolution and position information. In this situation, those coordinates erroneously refer to the secondary monitor. Note the negative value of -2560 pixels, which means it’s the left-hand monitor:

Ai WSMgrCfg Bad
Incorrect Illustrator settings.

One solution is to edit WSMgrCfg using the values from DVADialogPrefs.xml. (This file treats a 2560 x 1600 display as only 2503 x 1577, presumbaly the full pixel resolution minus the height for the menu bar and Dock.) After editing, CurrState and IdealState refer exclusively to the primary display.

Ai Config Good
Fixed Illustrator settings.

Locking the configuration file as read-only will prevent Illustrator from overwriting the new settings.

Ai Config Locked

So far, this brute force approach seems to be working without any apparent side effects.


Galactic Emperor

Drawing of the Star Wars Galatic Emperor preparing a morning space-meal:

Galactic Emperor's Breakfast cartoon of the Galactic Emperor from 2008. layer view. drawing layers.
Bezier path touchup.
Slight image cleanup using Adobe Illustrator in 2015.
Crude cartoonish sketches.
Preliminary sketches from 2008 of a robed character.